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Welcome to the first ‘SEI recommendations round up’! In the spirit of a new year, we asked our team what they loved listening to, reading, watching, or doing this past year, that that they would recommend checking out in 2022. These are books, films, shows, podcasts and places that the team found sparked joy and discussion, and we can’t wait to share them with you.    

  • Anne: Claire Keegan’s Small Things like These – is highly recommended, especially for fans of historical fiction and immersive writing! 
  • Siobhán O’K: Duolingo! Great to get into the habit everyday, and stretch your brain in a new way.
  • Louise: “My husband and I rewatched all of Scrubs (apart from season 9 which should never be spoken of again). With a global pandemic making us all feel like things are often beyond our control, we took great comfort in watching something familiar that brought us many laughs (and a few tears)… The joy of nostalgia!” 
  • Gráinne: Read Anything you Want by Derek Sivers, the founder of CD Baby. “Really interesting personal entrepreneurial story. His approach as a musician really resonates with what we see with social entrepreneurs – money isn’t what make ideas grow, starting with nothing but your idea will help you think creatively and always keep your focus on the people you serve first.” 
  • Bruno: Visit Istanbul; “the culture differences are really interesting, the history of the place, the food was also great…and the tea!! as I know you guys in Ireland love tea.”
  • Sophie: “Go hiking in the Dolomites! Very difficult and very satisfying to have accomplished, and it’s nice to stop in the bar at the top for a pint.”
  • Joan: “I absolutely loved visiting Hotel Sa Barrera in Cala en Porter, Menorca. Often referred to as an open-air museum, Menorca filled with megalithic settlements and monuments. There are stunning coves dotted all around the coastline, with must-see caves for kayaking and snorkeling in, as well as its own camino!”
  • Tanya: The film Jodhaa Akbhar – “telling a tale of being open to another culture, religion and views, as well as a a love story!” 
  • Darren: Getting into the habit of playing music everyday! 
  • Siobhán C: “Check out the Talking Statue Tour  – self guided tour of various statues in Dublin, listen on your phone to celebrated writers and actors bring Dublin statues to life.” 
  • Éabha: The film Minari – “the visuals, editing, music and acting were all really good!” 
  • Ciara: “Getting out to explore the Dublin and Wicklow mountains! Being outside, far away from desk and the noise was so lovely throughout 2021, and definitely something to continue in 2022.”
  • Lydia: Acapulco – for brilliant vegetarian Mexican food!