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Social Entrepreneurs Ireland CEO, Tim Griffiths had the opportunity to be a guest speaker on two different podcasts. Profit Meets Impact and Awarepreneurs are both podcasts dedicated to exploring various aspects of the social entrepreneurship space, engaging in important discussions and fresh perspectives from sector experts, social entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Guest Podcasts featuring Tim Griffiths



Social Entrepreneurs


The Social Entrepreneurs Podcast explores social entrepreneurship in Ireland, and the people who have dedicated their lives to solving some of the nation’s biggest social problem including food waste, education inequality and mental health supports.

You can expect inspiring and engaging conversations with alumni of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland.

What led these ordinary people to do extraordinary things?
What has their journey been like as a social entrepreneur?
And what are their ambitions for the future?
Listen now to find out!

Hosted by our then CEO, Darren Ryan.

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