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Awarepreneurs – Accelerated Social Change Through the Power of People with Tim Griffiths


Episode 297 of Awarepreneurs with Tim Griffiths

For episode 297, Paul Zelizer invited Tim Griffiths as a guest to discuss accelerating social change through the collective power of people. Tim shares the journey and evolution of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland since its foundation in 2004, elaborating on the supportive programs that SEI actively engage social entrepreneurs with, from the Ideas Academy to the Changing Ireland Accelerator.

Additionally, Tim highlights the increasing responsibility of corporate organizations in the realm of social entrepreneurship, and the power of being human centric. He also provides insights into the current landscape of social entrepreneurship in Ireland.

Awarepreneurs was founded in 2017 by host Paul Zelizer with the aim of promoting the methods and strategies employed by successful leaders in social enterprise.

With almost 300 episodes, Awarepreneurs has become one of the world’s leading social entrepreneur podcasts. Episode 32 of Profit Meets Impact is available on all major podcasting platforms.

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