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Between 2004 and 2017, drug-related deaths in Ireland totaled 8,995, while the estimated number of opiate users in the country stood at 19,000. In terms of alcohol addition, 5.8% of males and 1.8% of females in Ireland suffer from alcohol dependence. In 2020, a total of 5,824 cases of problem alcohol use were treated in the country.


Addiction is a pressing issue that leads to numerous negative outcomes for individuals, including poorer physical and mental health, financial challenges, homelessness, relationship breakdown, and legal troubles. It is also a multi-faceted and deeply stigmatised illness, which can lead to fractured relationships, isolation, homelessness and significant health problems, both mental and physical. Communities and society suffer the repercussions of anti-social behaviour associated with addiction and criminal behaviour, and it can become a repetitive cycle.  



The Two Norries Podcast is a platform dedicated to addressing the issue of addiction through open and honest conversations. Available to the public on-demand, the podcast provides regular episodes that feature personal stories centered around addition and recovery, with the aim of breaking down the stigma and misconceptions surrounding these topics. They also provide educational talks to companies and have recently began working with the Irish Prison Service to carry out workshops in prisons. 



The Two Norries have had significant impact through media appearances, including the Tommy Tiernan Show in 2020, Nationwide on RTÉ in October and have been nominated for Cork Person of the Year 2022. They have had over 1 million downloads of the podcast, with a number of listeners directly seeking support, accessing education or changing their attitudes towards people in addiction and in prison because of it’s content. In 2022, They increased the listenership on the podcast by 158% and are in the top one percent of followed podcasts on Spotify.  


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Impact Programme 2022

James Leonard Timmy Long are the founders of The Two Norries







Impact Programme 2022